• Home Base:

    Lake Placid, NY

How it started

People visiting the area always would ask – “what else can we do for fun around here” – the answer for us was easy, “well, anything you want; boating, hiking, fishing, rafting, skiing – ya know, the usual.” But this was not what visitors were looking for. They were looking for something more, something fun, something different, that everyone in the family could enjoy, talk about after, and remember for years to come.

Over many months of brainstorming ideas to create that “something more” that people were looking for, the adventure course came alive.
Through elaborate research and many days on the computer, the idea was taking shape. Ideas began on a napkin with scribbles all over it about different ways to design and develop a course. Soon the business plan became complete, land and funding became secured, and well – now here we are.